Imperial Knight part 4…………………………………

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Adeptus Mechanicus, terrain

Wow were have the past 10 days gone? I have been slowly been working my way through some more urban terrain in the form of some OOP Forgeworld terrain pieces that I picked up some years ago. As well as the 6 resin barricades that were released with the cites of death book, and the promethium relay pipes that were released a few weeks ago. I have also laid my hands on a Plasma Obliterator…………….

My Knights were on hold until today. The “Errant” knight is waiting for his power fist, and both bases have been painted. All that needs doing is the weathering powders. The Skitarii are also coming along my first vanguard squad is complete, and the 2nd box that I have has been split into 2 squads (5 Vanguard and 5 Rangers) I have also made up 5 Sicarian Infiltrators.

Now today sees the release of the the new Imperial Knights codex (the old one is just over a year old!) along with the new Knight Warden kit and a set of datacards. Well it would be rude not to add one to my collection (and i needed the power fist for my knight Errant).

DSCN0614Lets take a look at the sprue’s for the basic knights (paladin and errant)


DSCN0587 DSCN0588

The basic Knight kit has three sprue’s, Allowing you to arm it with a Rapid Fire Battle Cannon or a Thermal Cannon and a Reaper Chain Sword.


The Knight Warden kit adds a forth sprue to the other three. Adding the Avenger Gatling Cannon, Thunderstrike Gauntlet arms, Twin Icarus Autocannons, Stormspear rocket pod carapace mounts. As well as new face plates, a meltagun shoulder weapon. The Warden kit is how ever £10.00 more than the standard knight kit.

As I want the power fist for my Knight Errant, this one will be made up as a Knight Crusader armed with a Rapid Fire Battle Cannon, Avenger Gatling Cannon, and Stormspear Rocket Pod.

I have also started on a small side project to make a change from painting Red……………….

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