Posted: April 15, 2015 in INQ-28, Warhammer 40000

No its not some new pop group, its something I have been coming across more and more on the internet.

But what is it?

Well It is a straight forward conversion of the old Inquisitor game from GW, By converting the measurements of yards into Inch’s. 1 yard = 1/2 inch (I think it should be 1 yard = 1 inch). And using 28mm models (hence INQ-28) rather than the old 54mm models. Everything else stays the same.

Now when Inquisitor was released some 15 years ago I did pick up the rulebook and a few models but never got round to playing it, I was put off by the different scale (all the terrain I had was for 28mm models) Now however it seems that playing it in 28mm is all the rage.

In fact some years ago I converted 2 models up to be Inquisitors for my “home made” Necromunda supplement that me and my gaming group were working on. However we agreed that using Necromunda was not a very good idea so we shelved the idea, why we never used Inquisitor I do not know!

So now I am thinking of giving it ago, I have hit the internet and found loads of ideas for models for my war band. Loads of fan made material as well as official material. All I need to do now is make a few more models and give it a bash.

That means sorting through all the junk I have!


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