Imperial Knight Part 2………………………………

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Adeptus Mechanicus, Warhammer 40000

So the reinforcements for my Imperial Knight turned up yesterday just after I put up my post about the Imperial Knight. My original plan was to paint up some Cadians with respirators in a “red oxide” colour, however GW seem determined to tempt me back in to the fold with the release of the Skitarii.

Now back in the Titan legions game, Knights (and Titans) could be supported by Tech Guard  (Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard regiments) These would later get the name Skitarii to seperate them from the Imperial Guard in Epic 40000, as an unofficial army list with the Knights.

With it being my birthday last week I had a sizeable influx of cash (as I am told I am hard to buy for). So I took the plunge and went for two of each boxed set that had been released plus the codex and data-cards and another Knight!

DSCN0586Now the first thing about the Skitarii army is their is NO HQ and second the imperial knight is not their either. The models themselves look fantastic, but their are quite a few bits to make each model.

With what I have I am going to use it as the following.

5 man Vanguard Squad (one of which will be the leader).

10 man Vanguard Squad.

5 man Rangers Squad.

5 man Sicarian Infiltrators Squad.

5 man Sicarian Ruststalkers Squad.

2 Sydonian Dragoons.

As well as the 2 Knights (1 paladin and 1 errant).

at some stage I will add a Dunecrawler (or two).


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