Blood For The Blood God!……………………………………………..

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Chaos, Warhammer 40000

So the nice postman has just dropped of the new Khorne Daemonkin book and card set, and all I can say is wow.

DSCN0531 DSCN0532

If you want an army of bloodthirsty berserk killing machines in 40K this is the book you need, everything has either the Mark Of Khorne or is a Daemon Of Khorne. Their are no undivided models or any of the other 3 chaos gods just Khorne.

Now their was no way that I could not order the new Bloodthirster at the same time, it would have been rude not to!

DSCN0533It comes on two sprue’s and has two bases (1 oval 40K and 1 rectangle WFB)

DSCN0536 DSCN0535







Now I just need to figure out which one to make (their are 3 variants)


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