Tablescapes Review Part 4 Damaged Urban Tiles…………………………………

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Cities Of Death, terrain

So last week my extra set of tiles turned up in the form of the 16 “damaged” urban tiles set. Now I have already looked at 4 of the tiles in my first review, as I received 4 as part of my original order

So with this review it will be with the other 4 tiles.

First we have 2 different “straight” sections. The one on the left is fairly smooth, but is covered in cracks and a few small rubble piles. The one on the right is the same as the left one but has two large piles of rubble (one on each side of the road)

DSCN0524 DSCN0523

Next we have a “T” section. Now this one I like a lot, it has 3 small craters and looks like their has been some sort of underground explosion, as parts of the road have been pushed up from the ground.

DSCN0525Finally we have another “Foundation” tile this time however it has a large pile of rubble (unlike the other 2 which are just covered in cracks)

DSCN0526 Again as with the other 4 tiles these ooze details.

In total the set contains

5 x “straight” sections (2 x cracked, 2 x cratered, 1 x large rubble piles).

2 x “X” sections.

1 x “T” section.

8 x “Foundation” tiles ( 3 x small rubble, 2 x large rubble, 3 cracked).

Add them to the others that I have (20 “clean” and 4 “damaged”) Gives me 40 tiles enough for a 10ft x 4ft table!

Hopefully with the bank holiday coming up I may be able to get in some battles!


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