Gripped By The Black Rage…………………………….

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Blood angels, Cities Of Death, terrain

Or stuck down by Nurgles rot!

For the past few days I have been feeling rather poorly, and last night I came out with a full blown cold! Now I had intended to work on some Infinity models, but I kept thinking back to the pictures I took of my Blood Angels and Orks on the tablescapes urban tiles. Now 90% of the two forces are painted, but the Cities of Death terrain is not even 5% finished (as you can see from the pictures). So I have decided that its time to start painting some terrain. I have dug out some spray cans (Black, Grey, and Red Oxide) my old paint set (the one with the hex shaped pots) and my weathering pigments.

My plan is to get the 13 buildings that are ready to be under coated primed and painted before the start of next week (I have already made a start, with 5 ready to go). Once these are done I shall make some more from the big pile of CoD tiles that I still have left over and the remains of my old buildings. If I can get 7 more buildings made from what I have left that will give me 20 in total.

Once the buildings are done I can see about starting the Tablescapes “Urban” tiles. All I need to do then is make some scatter terrain (rubble piles, wrecks, etc.)

Unfortunately all this urban fighting has lead me to order the Blood Angles codex…………………………..

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