Tablescapes Review Part 3 Rolling Fields…………………………

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Lord Of The Rings, terrain, The Hobbit

And so we come to the last of my Tablescapes reviews, and as with the Forgotten city/ruined temple tiles were not what I ordered. But after discussing it with Mr Justin of secret weapon, I agreed to keep the wrong tiles if I could get hold of the 8 tile rolling fields expansion to make a full 4ft x 4ft table (as I was sent a rolling fields expansion). I had offered to pay for the extra set but they were sent tome free of charge as a good will gesture! It does however mean that their are 2 tiles (river corner and small hill) that I do not have.

But at the end of the day I now have

24 Urban tile set (6x4ft)

16 Forgotten City tile set (4x4ft)

16 Rolling Fields tile set (4x4ft)

First thing first the Rolling Fields tiles are the same thickness (6mm) except on edge of the river tiles which is around 12mm for the river banks.

As you can see from these tiles they are not “flat” like the GW Realm Of Battle tiles. They have small mounds/dips, giving a nice “natural” feel to them! Each tile also has rocks/stones scattered about on them. The edges of the tiles are 6mm (except the rivers) and so fit flush together very well.










DSCN0511 DSCN0510









Next we have may favourites the rive tiles. Now rivers have been the bane of many wargamers terrain nightmares for many many years! However in recent years resin/plaster models have appeared on the market from various company’s, How ever in my mind they look “false” compared to the real thing! These two tiles however look very “natural”. As I said the banks are around 12mm high, and flow very well into the tile. The river itself is 10mm deep at the ends (the deepest part) but does get shallower at places. As you can see the river bed is detailed with large rocks and stones and with the addition of some realistic water (after its been painted!) will look very good. The tile on the right is a “ford” (a shallow river crossing point) Which is why it is slightly wider and shallower!

DSCN0513 DSCN0512








As you can see I have gone for my standard 3x5ft set up using 15 of the tiles (1 river section was left over) and if anything you can see the surface texture better. And as I said no tile is “flat” each one has sections that are raised, as well as lower areas. As with the other tile sets they can be used for a almost any setting from Fantasy right up till the far flung future. And depending on how they are painted, they could represent Grassy plains, Arid deserts, Snowy landscapes, the list just goes on!  DSCN0514I have not got much terrain that can be used with the rolling fields apart for a set of citadel trees and some ruins of osgiliath but they fit in very well. And as you can seethe river bed is very well detailed!

DSCN0520 DSCN0516







My final impressions of the tablescapes range are as follows.

The details are great. Nothing looks like it has been “forced” in to place.

Setting it up is quick and simple! Unlike the Gw RoB tiles, it takes less time to connect 4 1×1 tiles together than it does to put 2 RoB tiles together. It can take 15-20mins to set up the RoB tiles where as the TS tiles cane be set up in 5 mins!

Price. TS works out to be the same as the RoB tiles (the GW urban tiles are however £25.00 dearer)

Flexibility. Their is only so much that can be done with the RoB tiles, as you are governed by the 4 tiles with hill sections on (unless you pick up the 2 tile expansion). The TS tiles can be however be moved around to create endless combinations! 

Despite all the cocks that were made, I am pleased with what I got. I can see them getting a lot of use in the coming years.

I will leave you with a picture of Gollum eating a fish by the river………………



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