Tablescapes Review Part 1 Urban Tiles…………………………………………….

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Blood angels, Cities Of Death, Orks, terrain

So last week I said I would try to get a review and some photos of the Tablescapes tiles, So over the weekend I managed to grab a few hours to set up the tiles with some terrain and miniatures.

Here are my thoughts on the Urban Tiles.

Firstly this is the only part of my order that was right (well nearly) Rather than repeat what I have already posted see this post

So I went with the 16 tile “Urban” set with a 8 tile “Damaged Urban” set. However somewhere along the lines  everything got cocked up and I ended with an 8 tile “Mixed Urban” set! (4 “damaged” and 4 “clean” tiles).

Now their are 8 designs to the set, 2 x different “straights”, 1 x “T” section, 1 x “X” section, 1 x Grav plate, 1 x security barrier, 2 x different foundation (plain) tiles. My set contained the following, 4 x “straights”, 2 x “T” section, 2 x “X” section, 1 x Grav plate, 1 x security barrier, 6 x  foundation (plain) tiles.


First up we have the 2 “straight” sections, As you can see both tiles have cracks in them much like a real road would, the details are very “generic” meaning they can be used from the modern day setting right up to the far flung future. One thing that does jump out is the surface texture of the road, the one on the left has a very “fine” surface texture. As opposed to the one on the right which is “smooth”.

DSCN0442 DSCN0443









Next we have “X” and “T” sections, and as with the straight tiles.The details are “generic”, the roads are cracked with a slight texture. and the pavements are cracked but “smooth”.

DSCN0444 DSCN0441









Next we have the “Grav” plate (left) and Security gate (right). Now the “Grav” plate is more of a “sci-fi” piece. The tile itself could have been made as a “dead end” road section (which is something I am considering doing). The security gate however is vary “generic”. It does however pose a problem, when down  flat it leaves a large “lump” in the road!

DSCN0446 DSCN0445









Next we have the “foundation” (plain) tiles. As you can see both tiles are  are covered in cracks, both are smooth enough to place “based” buildings. Each square is 37 x 37mm sq (about 1 and a 1/2 inches sq) they have a very “faint” texture to them that should take paint well.

DSCN0447 DSCN0448








Finally we have the 4 “damaged” tiles from the expansion pack. I ended up with 1 x “straight”, 1 x “X” and 2 x “foundation” tiles (the other 4 were “clean” tiles from the above). Both the “straight” and “X” tiles are oozing details, both are covered with craters and small piles of rubble. Their are also lots more cracks than the “clean” versions.

DSCN0453 DSCN0452








The 2 “foundation” tiles again ooze details. The one on the left has large piles of rubble as well as a few small “depressions”. The one on the right is however more flatter with only a few piles of rubble but lots of cracks!

DSCN0449 DSCN0450









Now having gone through all the tiles, I just had to have a go at putting it all together. Using my dinning room table I put together a 5ft x 3ft table (which over hung the table 4 inches all-round) As you can see each tile fits nice and snug to the next one, and both the “clean” and “damaged” mix well together.

DSCN0457 DSCN0455








Their are two types of clip that hold everything together, they fit into the slot on the bottom of the tiles nice and tight (much better than the GW Realm Of Battle board clips!)The left clip is for joining 4 tiles together and the one on the right is an “edge” clip.

DSCN0439 DSCN0454







I set up some terrain and my Blood Angels and Orks on the table. Most of the buildings are in a state of “repair” being a mix of my old terrain from the gaming club and new wall tiles sections. Its been a while since the blood angels, orks or terrain have seen the light of day (April time last year). And in that time both the orks and Blood Angels have received new army codex’s, dare I tread this path again?

DSCN0465 DSCN0464 DSCN0463I have to say it has been a long hard struggle to get these tiles, however they were worth the wait. The urban tiles are fantastic and I can see them getting lots of use in the future! One of the things that I like is the size 300 x 300mm (12 x 12 inches) it means that I can set up a 3ft x 5ft table on my dinning table with no problem. With the GW Realm Of Battle (RoB) tiles which are 610mm sq (24 inches sq) I am stuck for table size (2×4 or 6×4). The clips in this set are also much better than the RoB set.

Next time I will take a look at the Forgotten City/Ruined Temple tiles………………………


  1. gameoftravel says:

    thanks for the review! I’m planning to buy some battlefield tiles, and what I see, Tablescapes tiles are good and not very expensive option.

  2. Glad you like it, I am in the process of writing up the Next review now!

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