Tablescapes Wargames Tiles part 2…………………………….

Posted: February 20, 2015 in terrain
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Yesterday I sent Secret Weapon Miniatures a message via the kickstarter page, they replied some hours later (due to the 7 hour time difference). I had explained what had happened, and that I would be happy to keep the wrong tiles (forgotten city set and rolling fields expansion) if their was some way I could pick up another 8 tile expansion set for the rolling fields. That way I have enough tiles to make a 4ft x 4ft table (16 are needed).

The response was short and sweet,

” drop an email with the 8 tile request, and your address, and I’ll make it happen. Thanks for the flexibility!”.

In all fairness what happened with Backerkit is a mystery, I have one thing listed my end but Secret Weapon/Mantic have something different. Mantic’s cock up was just human error with the wrong set being picked.

If anything it has done me a favour, as when I backed the project we were playing quite a few urban engagements at the club. But with the club now gone I would have had no need for two urban sets. With the Forgotten City and Rolling Fields sets I am looking to use them for LOTR and The Hobbit.

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