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Posted: February 2, 2015 in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit

Towards the end of last year Games workshop released the 2nd largest model for the LOTR/Hobbit range (the 1st being Weathertop). Their were only 200 Smaug the dragons available, and within 5 minutes they had all gone!. I like many missed out, within hours a few had appeared on eBay at stupid prices. I was however lucky enough to win one for £295.00 via a second chance offer, the seller however was less than reliable and I had to get my money back via eBay/pay-pal.

It had already been announced by Games Workshop that more copies of Smaug would be made at a later date, and so I was not that worried about missing out 1st time round! Well last week on the 28th of January 2015 I had an email from GW telling me that Smaug was back in stock this time their were 500 copies up for grabs. I quickly ordered the model and sat back and waited.

2 days later Smaug arrived on my door step!

One thing that does need to be pointed out about this model, It is NOT made from Finecast resin. It is made from the same resin that is used by Forge World

IMG_2324 IMG_2319







As you can see from the front and back of the box Smaug is huge! (Bilbo is hiding behind the pillar on the base)








Inside the box their was a card cover with a quote on it and underneath wrapped in bubble wrap are all the resin components.


First up we have the base which is larger than the War Mumak. IMG_2326

Then we have the rear legs, pillar and stairs.


Then we have the Talons, Feet, spines, and Bilbo (top row)


Then we have the Neck, Body, and Tail (made up of 3 parts!)

Next are the Wings (these are huge!) IMG_2327

Finally we have Smaug’s head (made up of 3 parts)

Now I have only checked the model over briefly and could only find one mold line which runs down the underside of the belly, and a few small pieces of “flash”. The underside of the base is fairly smooth and will need minimal sanding.  The quality of the model is excellent, the areas of skin that do not have scales or spines on, have a slight texture on them much like the skin of reptiles (you can just about see it on the picture of the legs). To me Smaug is more of a display piece, rather than a gaming piece!

Is it worth the price tag? in my eyes yes. It is a gorgeous model that oozes character. And this will make my third large sized model from FW (Weathertop and the 40k scale Thunderhawk being the other two)

It is however not a model to be tackled with out some experience (if you have never worked with resin read up about it first!)

Their is however a slightly cheaper version out their, from another company in the USA!

Leaving Smaug alone, I have been painting away at my LOTR models. Finishing off some that I started the other year and working my way through some others namely Uruk-Hai and Rohan models.

I will finish off with a quick shot of my painting tray!


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