Un-boxing The Land IronClad……………………………………

Posted: December 28, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

The same day that my wave 2 shipment turned up, my Ironclad turned up from Northstar. Now as I have said before when I saw the art work for the ironclad I was not a fan!285But the model itself is a different story.



The model set me back £120.00 (but has now risen to £150.00).

IMG_2302 IMG_2301

IMG_2298 IMG_2297







As you can see their are 18 resin parts with the hull section being the largest (and heaviest) all the smaller details (gun barrels, railings, etc) are made from metal.

Their are however a few negative points,

Their are no instructions, all you get is the picture on the front of the box!

Their are no “red eye” points on the box. Which is strange as all the other boxed sets have them on them (even the starter set)

Apart from those two things its a great piece of kit, and I now kick myself for not picking it up in the kick-starter (at $55.00!) but at least I picked it up at retail!



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