Mmm. There was another cylinder came last night……………….

Posted: December 28, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

I had intended for this to be posted at the same time as the Un-boxing of the land Ironclad, but for some unknown reason it never got published!

So lets try again!

On the 18th of December my wave 2 All quite On The Martian Front shipment turned up, the box was half the size of my wave 1 shipment but was much heavier!

IMG_2273As you can see everything was packed in nice and tightly, and nothing was damaged.

IMG_2276 IMG_2275









First out of the box was the MK IV Monitor and MK IV Patton tanks (right picture) and the MK II command tank (left picture). Both the MK IV’s have quite a few “air bubbles” on the tracks and turrets, nothing that a bit of liquid green stuff will not fix. The MK II is a little bit of a let down consisting of a metal semaphore pole and 3 paper flags.

IMG_2277 IMG_2278








Next we have the US Field Guns (left picture) And US Heavy Field Guns (right picture).

IMG_2285 IMG_2284









Next we have the US Anti-Tripod Gun (left picture) and the MK II Mobile Artillery (right picture). Both of which I have looked at before in previous posts.

IMG_2286 IMG_2287









Next we have the US Flivvers (left picture) and US Armoured Infantry (right picture).

IMG_2282 IMG_2289








Next we have the MK II Clamp Tank and the MK II Mine-layer (left picture) and the Metal traps, Gubbins, and escaping Martian.










Next we have The US command squad (left picture) and the Kick Starter exclusive Command Squad bases (right picture)

IMG_2279 IMG_2281








Next we have the Martian Drones (left picture) and the KS exclusive Hover Drones (right picture).

IMG_2294 IMG_2290







Next we have the Martian Slave Tripod (left picture) and the Red Martian upgrade pack (right picture) Now a lot of backers are moaning about the Red Martian pack saying it not what they expected, well what we got was what was shown on the model.

IMG_2292 IMG_2293









Lastly we have the Downed Tripod (left picture) and the Martian Power Node (right Picture). The power Node has changed from what was shown in the KS.

All that is left now for wave 3 are the Martian Harvester, Scientist, Dominator, and Overseer Tripods. And the US MK II Tender, Munitions, 2 x Tesla Tanks, MK IV Command tank, and the Goliath Tank.

I have made a start on some of the models, and have assembled the MK II Command, Mine-layer,Clamp tanks, as well as the MK II Mobile Artillery, Field Guns, and some Armoured Infantry.


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