Un-boxing Shadows Of Brimstone…………….

Posted: December 16, 2014 in Shadows Of Brimstone

I spent yesterday afternoon punching all the card tiles and tokens from their sheets, as well as checking the models. It nearly an hour to punch out both sets (their are lots of them),I also spent a good hour checking through all the cards (their are lots of them too). As you can see from the picture below the quality of the tiles is very good, the “jig” connection is a nice fit. The art work is excellent and the tiles are double sided with one side having the mines and the reverse side having the “other world” (in this case Swamps Of Death).



Both sets contain:

1 x entrance.

4 x standard rooms.

6 x passages.

8 x unique rooms.

18 x end caps.

6 x gateways.

Their are loads of counters, some of which could have been replaced by cards in the gear deck. Their are however loads of cards, which could have been made in to a fewer sets than what are supplied. Their are 3 sets of “threat” cards (Low, Medium, and High) which could have been made in to one set, which in turn could have been merged with the encounter set. In many ways SOB is like Warhammer Quest but with more card decks.

On to the models, each set has 4 heroes

IMG_2263City Of The Ancients (the left sprue) has Bandido, Saloon Girl, U.S. Marshal, and a Gunslinger.

Swamps Of Death (the right sprue) has Rancher,Indian Scout, Lawman, and a Preacher.

As you can see from the picture above the models come in several pieces, details are good but some are rather “soft”. Both the Saloon Girl and the Rancher are female, and as part of the Kick-Starter wave 2 will contain “female” versions of the other male heroes (as well as male versions of the Saloon Girl and Rancher)


Both sets contain 6 Tentacles, which are one piece models.


IMG_2265 IMG_2264









City Of The Ancients contains:

3 x Night Terrors, 6 x Stranglers, 12 x Void Spiders. (the left picture)

and 1 x Goliath (the right picture). The Goliath is a “boss”  type figure used in the higher level threat deck.


IMG_2269 IMG_2268






Swamps Of Death contains:

3 x Slashers, 6 x Hellbats, 12 x Hungry Dead (the left picture)

and 1 x Harbringer (another “boss”)

Again the details on the models is good, but in some places very soft! In all fairness both the Goliath and Harbringer could have been left out of the 2 base sets and replaced with another “monster” type and released at a later date.

In conclusion, both sets are very well done. But I don’t think their needed to be two core sets. City Of The Ancients could have been the “core” set and Swamps Of Death could have been an expansion. Both sets have a rule book and an adventure book, some of the information in the adventure book could have been put into the rule book. Which would have made making one of the two an expansion easier.

Overall both sets are very good and I look forward to playing the game.



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