Shadows Of Brimstone………………

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Shadows Of Brimstone

So last week my copies of Shadows Of Brimstone: City Of Ancients and Swamps Of Death turned up after being delayed due to a shortage of “red” exclusive models (got to wait till wave 2 for them now). I checked through the contents of the the 2 sets and everything was their, the only things that were missing were the “promo” cards and the “gear” cards for the outlaw character. I email FFP about the missing parts but as yet have heard nothing back. I have read through the rules and it seems to be very much like Warhammer Quest (one of my favourite games) and Talisman timescape. The only thing that seems to be lacking is a monster creator to allow you to use “other” models from other ranges (Plague Bearers and Blood letters from Warhammer any one?) The game has plenty of scope to be expanded with different realms.

Hopefully later I can get some pictures of the models in the set.


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