Rolling A Double 1……………..

Posted: December 12, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit

Back in the summer my health took a turn for the worse, and left me in hospital for a while! No I’ve been out of action since the beginning of July, and was asked (or begged depending on how you look at it) to help out at a company that I used to work for the other week. I explained to them my situation and they said it would be fine for me to do “light” work, and that the other guys in the workshop would help me out if and when I needed it.

All was going well until last week when I dropped a panel on my foot! It ached for a day or so and then was fine. Then yesterday while carrying something else with one of the other guys it slipped out of my hands, and guess what landed on the same foot. This time however my foot has swollen up and is very red! so I have had no alternative but to come home for a few days!

It has however allowed me to catch up on a few things!

First up in my last post I wrote about GW killing of the LOTR and Hobbit ranges. Well I placed a crafty bid on one of the Smaug models that had appeared on eBay, but was outbid in the last second. However the next morning I was offered a second chance offer as the bid had been placed by the buyers son. I had placed my max bid at £295.00 which was the retail price for the model (I am not going to pay more for it when I will be able to get it next year!) so far 3 have sold for above the RRP going between £400.00 and £595.00. Their are another 3 which are still active, 1 auction at £320.00 and two buy it now at £499.00 and £1295.00! So in total their have been 7 Smaug models on ebay of which only one (my one has sold for the RRP) it just goes to show how many people will buy something to make a profit!

Next my Blue Moon Manufacturing models turned up from Old Glory UK. Now I wanted these for AQOTMF as US cavalry models, so I ordered 3 packs (051,052, and 054) I also ordered another pack 036 Berdans sharpshooters to use as an “elite” unit. The models look good and scale up with the US “doughboys” very well.

Speaking of AQOTMF my wave 2 shipment has not showed up yet, but given the time frame for wave 1 it should appear with in the next few days!

Now comes the big one Shadows Of Brimstone has finally shown up, now I have opened the two boxed games and had a quick look through all the bits but have not checked everything out yet. That will be a job for this afternoon!


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