Are GW Killing Off The Hobbit Range?……………

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit

Now I have been a fan of the GW Lord of the rings since they were first released way back in 2001. And with the release of the hobbit in 2012 GW updated the LOTR rules for the hobbit. However it has been a rocky road with GW doing maybe 2 major releases and 1 minor throughout the year. As the third film (the battle of five armies” hits the cinema this week, I had expected their to be some news of the GW releases. But alas the only release that made any waves was Smaug the dragon at £295.00! Limited to 200 models before Christmas (with more being made after Christmas). Needless to say it sold out in minutes (and at least 5 have appeared on eBay with one at £1295.00!). However Smaug was not the only release, thorins company of dwarves have been released in resin but with the hefty price tag of £25.00 for 3 models or £118.00 for the compete set. Overall it seems that GW have lost their love of LOTR’s and the hobbit, their was a rumour last year that GW only went for the hobbit to stop another company from getting the license for the models. It’s a real shame but it seems to me that GW are killing the range off……………….


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