Trench Warfare!………………….

Posted: November 25, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, terrain

When I wrote about un-boxing the trenches for AQOTMF last week,


I mentioned that I would like to make some HMG sections as well as some junctions. Well over the weekend the weather was very wet and windy, so I spent sometime working out some trench sections. In the end I decided to make a corner section that could take the HMG team base, I made a prototype from off cuts of card and blue foam with the intention of making a mold from RTV silicon. Unfortunately the prototype did not work and so was chucked in the bin, after much head scratching i decided to make a mold of one of the Artillery emplacements (TR009) that I bought last week.

IMG_2232As you can see it came out well. After letting it set I did a test cast to see how good the mold was.

IMG_2231 IMG_2228





The brown one is the original and the grey one is my copy, and as you can see the detail between the two is near enough perfect. As you can see the grey one sits slightly lower than the brown one, when I compared it to the other brown ones in the set the grey one matched up (looks like the brown one needs sanding down). In the end I made 5 copies of the emplacement, and I decided to cut one up to use as the base for my corner section.

I marked up one of the sections at 40mm on both sides from the edge, and then a 65 degree angle down from the mark. IMG_2238

Using a mitre box and saw I cut along the lines, I did have some photos of the pieces but they came out blurry.

IMG_2233 IMG_2235 IMG_2234As you can see I had to re-sculpt the rear section of the trench as it would have followed the same angle as the front, it was a simple mater of grinding the back section down with a Dremel and rebuilding it with balsa wood and milliput putty. While the putty was still wet I pushed it into sand to give it some texture, I just need to sculpt some sand bags from green stuff and I can make a RTV silicon mold and start casting!

IMG_2236 IMG_2237






As you can see from the above pictures it fits in well with the other straight sections, as well as my copy of the emplacement. In effect they should work like the “zig zag” set that was in the KS (but not released yet).

Still no sign of my wave 2 package yet………….

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