Painting The US Forces………………………..

Posted: November 24, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

I have been busy on the Martian Front, and have been painting my way through my US force. I have managed to paint up the following.

2 x Infantry squads (6 bases).

1 x HMG squad (3 bases).

1 x Rough Rider squad (3 bases).

6 x MK2 Steam Tanks.

6 x MK3 Steam Tanks.

1 x Command squad (1 base).

And am currently working on 3 more Infantry Squads (9 bases).

At first when I started assembling the models (back before I went in to hospital) I had no idea what colours to use. They needed to be different to what I painted my USA flames of war models some years ago! Having looked at various blogs and forums I saw that many people were using The Army Painters “Army Green” spray, however I wanted something a little bit darker but not to the extreme of “Angel Green”. Then I remembered that I had a can of “US Armour” from when I did my FoW tanks, but as with many thing it has been discontinued. In the end I decided to use what I had, it is however a near match for the Vallejo colour 887 Brown Violet.

So I start of with a base coat of US armour (or 887 Brown Violet).

Followed by a wash of thinned Black Shade (201).

Followed by a dry brush of Brown Violet (887),

then 50/50 mix of  Brown Violet (887) and Green Grey (886),

Finally a 75/25 mix of  Green Grey (886) and Khaki (998).

The helmet, is given a 50/50 mix of German Camo Dark Green (979) and Reflective Green (890).

Backpacks, bags etc, are given a coat of Saddle brown (940).

The Gas masks are given a coat of Beige Brown (875).

The boots are painted Black (950).

And the guns are Gunmetal (863).

I will probably go down the route of using The Army Painters “quick shade” tones (either the Ink or varnish) due to the small size of the models! Its strange using the Vallejo paints again as the last time I used them was about 6-7 years ago when I did my WW2 USA force (which I sold on eBay a few years ago). For “historical” models they are great as the colours are not on the “bright side” (the same as the Foundry paint system). Where as the likes of GW and the Army Painter sets that tend to be on the “brighter side” for painting Fantasy and Sci-fi models. It is making a nice change of pace to paint something that that has no “official” colour scheme!


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