All Quite Terrain………………..

Posted: November 24, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, terrain

As I have been Painting up my US force, for AQOTMF. I have been thinking about terrain for my tabletop, now I have never tackled 15-18mm terrain before. Years ago when I played GW 6mm epic games most of the terrain was card buildings and ruins (and later plastic ruins), so its fair to say I have never gone below 28mm scale terrain. And for the past 10 years or so it has been plastic kits in one form or another!

I did however make a start at making some terrain of AQOTMF just before I went in to hospital in the summer.


Which are both on hold at the moment, I also made a few bases of trees and a rocky outcrop from some Woodland scenic’s kits I had picked up a few years ago. But as with most games I am drawn to urban conflicts, and fancied getting a few buildings that I could use as the outskirts of a small town or city (I always liked the end of the 1953 film with the Martians moving through Los Angeles). Now the AD guys have said all the way along that the scale is 15-18mm so you can use HO scale model railway buildings, great if you can find them. It has been a struggle trying to find HO scale buildings (let alone American ones) and the ones that I have found have been UK or European styles. I did however manage to find an eBay seller in Germany that had 2 Woodland Scenics HO scale boxed sets containing 15 buildings and loads of accessories.

So I have 30 buildings and tons of accessories coming, I did not need 30 buildings (their are a few between the sets that will end up back on ebay) but as I said before I do love urban battles! I have also ordered a HO scale water tower kit.

Their is however still no sign of my Wave 2 shipment……….



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