Un-boxing The Clamp Tank And The Anti Tripod Gun…………….

Posted: November 21, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

It’s time to take a look at two more AQOTMF models. It is worth noting that these models have been purchased via various on-line stores,



and the UK distributor,


Both have been very fast in dispatching my orders, with Caliver Books sending what they had in stock and sending the rest when it arrives with them.

First up US013 Clamp Tank.

IMG_2225 IMG_2224









The Clamp tank is a variant of the MK2 steam tank with a large claw added to the front of the tank. Their is no need to review the steam tank as I have already done that before here


So what you get in the clam shell is one plastic steam tank sprue and 3 metal add ons (1x top plate, 1x tank, and 1x claw) the price is £10.00 (but Caliver had it up for £9.00). If you say the basic steam tank is £6.00 it makes this add on £4.00, which is a little to pricey for 3 fairly small bits! Details are sorely lacking with the odd panel line or rivet gracing the metal parts, overall not the best model in the range it rally needs a few more details on the parts! It is also the first model in a clam shell that has a picture of what it looks like.

Next we have US023 Anti Tripod Gun And Crew.

IMG_2227 IMG_2226









As you can see their are 11 pieces that make up the gun and carriage 5 crew (some are the same as the artillery tanks)  and 1 renedra 47mm x 95mm base. Now this is one model that could do with a Picture on the clam shell! I have managed to figure it out with the help of this post on the AQOTMF forum


Overall its a nice model and costs £12.50, It could however benefit from some instructions or a picture similar to the clamp tank. Unfortunately the AD guys point you to their website for instructions but they are not their yet! Out of the two kits the anti tripod gun is my favourite the clamp tank has no details behind it.


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