Un-Boxing trenches Pt 2……………….

Posted: November 18, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, terrain

After posting yesterdays post about the AQOTMF Artillery emplacements it dawned on me that I had not reviewed the “basic” trench set (TR001). Now I got mine free with my wave 1 KS pledge, the KS price was $29.00 and the RRP is £42.00 ($60.00). As I said with the Artillery emplacements they are nice and solid models (after  dropping the bunker from about 3 feet!).


As you can see you get 6 pieces in the set they are,

2 “end” sections (62mm X 75mm)

2 “straight” sections (106mm X 75mm )

1 Bunker section and 1 Bunker roof (106mm X 180mm)

Which gives you a trench that is 442mm long.

IMG_2216 IMG_2215









As you can see both the “straight” and “bunker” sections can hold one strip of “dough boys”. If the trench had been made slightly bigger then 2 strips would have fitted, instead to get two strips in you need to overlap them. This also leads to HMG teams who will not fit in the trench as they are mounted on 40mm bases and the trench is only 33mm wide between the posts. Hopefully the guys at AD will sort this problem out and add a wider trench to the range. Another problem is the bunker itself, if you look at the second picture the “dough boys” take up the whole width of the trench. However the inside of the bunker is smaller then the trench meaning a strip of “dough boys” will not fit inside the bunker.

Again it is a minor thing, as if I remember rightly AD took the decision to make the trenches usable with Flames of War base sizes rather than their own base sizes (their was an option in the KS for the sizes of the depth of the sections and it seems more people wanted them for FoW!)


The Artillery emplacements come up at 106mm X 115mm. And as you can see a strip of “dough boys” and a MK 2 steam tank both fit in very well, you could use these for the HMG teams but it would be a waste when they could be better served by the MK 2 mobile artillery or the heavy howitzers.

I have picked up a second “basic” set from ebay for £20.00 and plan on making a few sections from scratch (some HMG nests and Junctions). But with what I have it works out at just under 4 foots worth of trenches.



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