Un-boxing Trenches And Drones…………………………….

Posted: November 17, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, terrain

So last Monday (10th of November), I placed an order with North Star Miniatures for some AQOTMF models. And this morning it arrived. Now the items I ordered were the newly released Martian drones (MR016 and MR017), and Artillery emplacement trench set (TR009). Now the drones are new and not part of the KS, the trench sections were however available in the KS, but only for 2 sections for $20.00 (£12.00). Now they are a set of 3 sections and 2 “end” sections for £36.00 ($50.00).

First up the drones, MR016 Scorpion Drones, and Mr017 Shock Drones.

IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2220









As you can see both sets contain 3 models  for £10.00 ($14.00 and $12.00 not sure why they are different prices in the US). MR016 has 6 pieces(3 legs, 1 hip joint, 1 body, and 1 tail). MR017 has 7 pieces ( 3 legs, 1 hip joint, 1 body, 1 tentacle, and 1 launcher). Now I cannot comparer these to the basic drones as my wave 1 shipment had none in it (AD ran out of them), they do however look like nice models. As you can see theirs is very little “flash” on the models, the only problem I can see is the tip of the leg may need to be filled flat to get a good bond to the base.

Game wise, you need a Martian Slave tripod to field them in the game. The rules for these new drones are not in the main rule book, but are in a free PDF supplement on the web.

Next we have TR009 Artillery emplacement trench set.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211 AIMG_2212As you can see from the box you get 3 Artillery sections and 2 end sections. Now these were part of the KS however I decided against buying them (which I now regret!) the Models are made from nice and strong resin (I dropped a bunker from about 3 feet, and it survived!) The choice of brown resin means you can use the model straight out of the box!.  Each piece lines up with the next with no major problems, they will need minor sanding on the edges but nothing to drastic. The bases have been machine sanded, so that they lay flat on the table top (unlike the ForgeWorld LOTR weathertop model that I have). Details range from sand bags along the top of the trenches down to the wooden planks on the trench floor. Their are a few small air bubbles but nothing that a bit of green stuff would not sort out, and they look like they will be a joy to paint!

Overall all 3 sets are very good castings with no major flaws. I can see that these and the other sets that I have bought for AQOTMF have been checked for quality, rather than just picked and thrown in a box. For all of Alien Dungeons faults (lack of communication) quality control is not one.

I for one cannot wait for the Land Ironclad!


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