Mars Attacks……………….

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Mars Attacks
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So yesterday afternoon I had a surprise in the form of my Mars Attacks kick starter package, I was surprised because I only received the e-mail some 6 hours earlier!

So I spent most of the afternoon sorting out the box which weighed in at 8kg, and was surprised to find out that only 3 items were missing. As I said with the Deadzone wave 2 shipment, Mantic took note of a lot of the problems that happened with wave 1. It did take me a few hours to sort out everything, as I had to keep checking the pledge graphic that Sarah from mantic sent me and cross referencing with the KS graphics as well (due to the way Mantic had sorted it out, in a good way).

I was however missing,

General Zar,

Giant Ant and handler, and

2 scenery accessory sets.

So nothing to major to worry about. Over all the models look great and to be honest Deadzone would have been better with models like these (single part and different colours)

Positive Points:

First: The models. All the models are single piece models (apart from the Martians helmets, stompy robot,the saucer and the truck). Meaning you can just open the box and play! Their are a few “mold” lines but then this is a board game and not a wargame.

Second: The terrain. Unlike Deadzone the MA terrain comes “off” the sprue meaning that it takes up less space in the box! It comes bagged up. And I seem to have got more than what I thought I was getting (their are 3 bags in the basic box plus another 3 bags and 2 large bags plus the 2 that are missing!)


Their are however a few negative points.

First: the rulebooks are the size of a US comic or graphic novel, not a really a big deal.

Second: The deluxe mats. Apart from them all being “T” junctions, mine are different shades and sizes. I have 4 with my pledge and 2 are darker than the other 2, they are also different sizes with one being 10mm bigger along one edge, another is “out” of square, one is short along one edge by a few Millimetres but long on another edge. The 3 X 3 grid is barely visible on the darker mats and is just visible on the lighter ones!

Third: The AI deck. The cards are a lot smaller then the Deadzone counter parts but were the same price! which makes me feel a little bit cheated but is not a major problem.

Forth: The 3rd party resin terrain. Now I have my doubts if this was produced by the same people that designed it, I think it was made in china with the rest of the plastic models. As it seems to be made from the same resin that was used for some of the DZ wave 2 models that I received. And their is a hell of a lot of “flash” on the models.

Overall I am pleased with what I got and I can see the terrain and mats being used for Spinespur, Doctor Who, 7TV, zombie games,Etc…..


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