Posted: November 13, 2014 in Afterlife, All Quiet On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Incursion, Mars Attacks, Secrets of the third reich, Zombicide

So with the arrival of Mars Attacks, I can now cross that off the list of backed projects!

But that still leaves……………..

Tablescape Tiles: just waiting for Mantic to get their fingers out of their arses for this one. First it was boxes for shipping, now they want pictures so they can make sure backers get the right sets! Really is it that hard to read a piece of paper that says I want “clean”unban streets and “damaged” urban streets and then look at a box with the same written on the side? Hopefully they will turn up by the end of the month!

All Quite On The Martian Front: Hopefully the guys at AD have resumed shipping wave 2 after shutting down for 5 days to attend a show. I am trying to remain positive over the situation and hope the guys turn this around before the thanks giving holiday that is approaching! The US Land Ironclad has been put up for pre-order at £120.00 in the UK from North Star Miniatures (£108.00 from some other UK on-line stores) and it looks like it will be a one off model in the UK with orders only being taken till the 18th of November!

Incursion: No real news yet, hopefully see something by April /May 2015.

Shadows Of Brimstone: Well what can I say “no news is good news” as would “silence is golden” would both be the wrong thing to say. Flying Frog Productions have been too quite over the EU and RoW shipping issues, they have made know update as to what is going on and negative comment have been building on their KS, Facebook and Twitter pages. It seems that their reputation is taking a nose dive, their lack of communication has lead people to believe they have run out of money for EU (and Row) shipping. The have been reports of Row backers offering to pay extra just to get their games, and FFP have taken their money for it. Now I am sorry but if FFP do an update asking for extra money for shipping then I want my money back that I pledged (and the extra that I paid with paypal the other month). I’m sorry to say that if they cannot manage a project the I will never be interested in any of their products or projects.

Alien Vs Predator: Prodos have announced that they going to shipping in 2 waves, with the boxed game shipping first and then followed on by the add-ons in wave 2. A lot of backers are unhappy with this saying that it will lead to problems, but at the end of the day Prodos have been sitting on quite a lot of models for some months now which is taking up space and needs to be moved on.

Zombicide S3: nothing new on that front, only a few people moaning about shipping costs.

Afterlife: Anvil have posted up a few more 3d renders which look good the pledge manager came out the other day and I filled mine in yesterday (just in case I forget it later on) and we have been told we will get 2 weeks notice of it being closed in case we wish to add to it.

Oh well that’s this weeks KS update……………………..


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