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Posted: October 29, 2014 in Afterlife, terrain
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Last year I back the Battle Systems sci-fi terrain kick starter which turned up back in August. Now due to the fact that I was in hospital for most of July and most of August, it was put to one side (and forgotten) until last night.

I was thinking about terrain for After Life kick starter, and remembered the Battle Systems terrain. Thinking that it would be useful I found the boxes this morning,and began removing the card components from a few of the sheets.

Now first off the print quality is great and 99% of the graphics line up. The card feels nice and solid, But and their is always a but.

Some of the slots in the “ramps” need to be made bigger by a few millimetres.

Also the floor tiles have a 1mm gap when you join 2 together.

And trying to get the Door surround to fit properly is a little bit of a nightmare.

Now I have only attacked 4 sheets (2 floor and 2 wall) but I have to say, I am not looking forward to the other 40 odd sheets. If I need to trim each bit only once that’s a lot of cutting to do. Don’t get me wrong its a good set and will look good on the table top, but if I had know the amount of work needed I would have,

(A) Given it a miss.


(B) Just have gone for the one Stronghold set  (rather than 2 strongholds).

I know that all wargames terrain, that comes in kit form needs some form of work. After all I have put together most of GW’s plastic terrain kits and the Dead Zone terrain. But when it comes down to shaving a mold line from a model or cutting 1mm slivers from card, I will take the mold line any day.

Oh well looks like I will be trimming these up a few at a time!


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