The Little Guys………………..

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Afterlife, Incursion, Secrets of the third reich

No I am not talking about tiny 6mm (or 15mm) infantry figures, I am on about the smaller miniature company’s out their. The ones with only a few people working for them, the likes of Anvil Industry’s, Grind House Games, etc.

Over the years their have been many small games company’s that have fallen through the cracks and disappeared (Target Games and The Figure Trader).

Some have survived and have gotten a bad reputation (Mongoose and Mantic I am looking at you! both started out as small time operations).

Even though the “little guys” have no chances of denting the the bigger company’s profits (GW, Privateer Press), they still have an impact on the market. In fact now I prefer to buy my models from the “little Guys” that’s why I backed the Anvils: Afterlife and Some of the other KS that I have Backed, Grind  House Games: Incursion, Comfy Chair Games: SpineSpur.

Now Kickstarters are great for the “little guys” they can help fund the development process of the game and production costs of getting the models made.

But unfortunately some of the “big guys” liked to use the Kickstarter Platform as a “pre order” system (Mantic and CMON). Mantic being the prime case with finishing the Deadzone KS, then moving on to Mars Attack, then Dreadball Extreme, and finally Dungeon Saga, all within the space of 12 months. As I have said in previous posts the chances of me backing another KS buy Mantic are slim (an expansion to DZ may tempt me but that’s about it).

But getting back to the “little guys”, Jim Bailey at Grind House Games has had a rough time with Incursion 2nd editon. The project was meant to ship back in March 2014 but a number of problems hit Jim and forced him to find another supplier. Unfortunately this company (Panda Games Manufacturing) seems to have been giving poor Jim the run around, and he has only just got the pre-production proofs of the card board counters and boards and the plastic miniatures (which look great). Jim has put allot on the line for Incursion, to get the 1st edition published Jim sold his comic collection (a lot of which were “golden age” comics) to fund the boxed game and the metal models of the APE`s and zombies.

With the funds for the Kick starter,

The base game has been updated with plastic models.

The SNAFU supplement has been turned into a boxed set complete with plastic models.

And the German Drop Troopers have been made in both plastic and metal.

I have to say that I am glad I backed Incursion and have no regrets, I have had great fun playing the game over the years and am looking forward to a new edition!

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