Posted: October 27, 2014 in Afterlife, Deadzone, Mars Attacks

Its been a funny old week, and I have not really spent much time on my hobby. Mainly due to the fact my replacement light has not arrived yet (and I have not been feeling well).

I did however back Anvil Industries, Afterlife: The shards of Liberty kickstarter

Which finished last night raising £41.901 with 393 backers. Now I had to miss out on Anvils first KS project due to work issues, and have been gutted to see some of the models that were produced. This time I decided to go all out and went for “THE CATACLYSM” pledge which nets me nearly all of the the stuff from this KS plus all the current models that are available 100+ models and 1 APC.

Now I am not sure why I am drawn to the Afterlife range, but I am. It may well go back to a war-game that I got nearly 10 years ago called Sabotage: in to the dark, which I managed to get my (then) gaming group to play. The game it self was a mix of an RPG and a Wargame and revolved around a small group of infiltrators sneaking around a enemy base trying to locate or destroy certain objectives. We had great fun playing the game but alas it was short lived. The company that made the game disappeared  and as far as I know their were only ever 50 copies of the rules published (it has limited 50 on the cover). Their is however another game that bears the background of Sabotage: in to the dark, it is called Overkill (and its 2 supplements) by AB One Games and are available on Wargames Vault. Unfortunately their is very little about AB One Games on the internet.

How ever Afterlife seems to be along the same lines, and from what I have read of the play-test rules looks good. I think the reason that I am draw to the Afterlife and to a certain extent Overkill (Sabotage) is the fact that the setting is different, the only enemy of mankind is itself. Their are no alien races (yet) and super humans clad in powered armour are not the norm. I can see me using the terrain from Deadzone as well as the Battle systems strongholds in my games and maybe adding in some of the stuff from Mars Attacks (if it turns up!)

Speaking of Mars Attacks, Mantic sent out an update yesterday telling everyone that shipping would begin today as the stompy robot issue has been resolved. But it also turns out that Mantic did not let on until mid last week, that their had been problems with the Hardback book which may or may not turn up until the end of November.

Unfortunately this is just another nail in the coffin lid for me with Mantic, After the cock up that was DZ wave 1, the delays in getting Wave 2, the delays with Mars Attacks, add to that being able to buy stuff at retail before my stuff has even shipped (for both DZ and MA). Makes the chances of me buying any Mantic stuff very slim, if this is how I am treated as a backer what would it be like if I was a normal customer?

Don’t get me wrong I like both DZ and MA but will find it hard to justify pumping any more money into either of them. Manly because I got all the stuff from the KS, and by the way I as a Backer has been treated!


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