Posted: October 22, 2014 in Aliens, All Quiet On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Mars Attacks, Warzone Resurrection, Zombicide

Its been nearly two weeks since my last post, and due to me going back into hospital for a few days last week not much has happened.

Kickstarter wise things seem to be going very slowly.

All quite On The Martian Front, has been very quite with shipping beginning last Friday the 17th of October, with international shipments going out first this time, not going to hold my breath with get this before mid to late November.

TableScapes, Updates have been coming pretty fast over the past few weeks , with the Uk shipment being handled (the container arrived at mantic on the 16th of october). We will have to see how this pans out as Mantic have 2 Ks projects shipping now (more of that later).

Incursion, updates have been few and far between with the guys not having much to share apart from the problems they are having with panda games manufacturing I am still looking forward to this but don`t expect it before April next year (my guess ).

Deadzone, having received my missing items from wave 2 last week, it now falls for the 3rd and final wave containing the plastic enforcers and forge guard. due end of October, likely mid November.

Mars Attacks!, once again Mantic have failed. The main boxed set has been on sale now for 4 to 6 weeks, do I have any thing from my pledge, No. Why not? well for some strange reason no one at mantic noticed that the Martian big stompy robot, had 2 of the same leg. So Mantic decided to hold all the orders that had the BSR in it until replacements turned up. Shipping was meant to be done by the 31st of October, but is now stated as early to mid November. I am going for late November to mid December after the fiasco that was Deadzone wave 1. Its also worth noting that I went through the email that I received from Mantic telling me what I had pledged for, and to my surprise their were a few items missing from it that I knew I had ordered. I contacted Sarah at Mantic and she emailed me my order details (and a handy pledge graphic) the details she had and I had both had items missing. But i will have to wait and see if this has been rectified when it arrives!

Shadows of Brimstone, so after waiting nearly a year for the pledge manger (yes a year) the 1st wave has started to arrive to backers well some in the states and a to the lucky people who have picked up their copies at conventions. A few have even started showing up on eBay (no surprises their) their is how ever no news of what is going on with EU shipments, who is shipping them, when are they going to start shipping. Overall very disappointed with FFP over this, and at this rate wave 1 will turn up early next year.

Alien vs Predator, the guys at Prodos have been doing their best to keep backers up to date with news (they have been quite the past few weeks) shipping is stated for December, but I can see it dragging on until early next year, which is a shame as many people are getting itchy feet now!

Zombicide  S3, no real news on this nothing is due until February 2015.

My order from Prodos turned up last week, taking nearly 20 days from ordering to arriving. Unfortunately my painting light has died in spectacular fashion, with part of the plastic casing falling off exposing the wires inside right below the switch. It has served me well for nearly 3 years looks like its time to get a new one!

A my wife’s cousin has asked me to paint some lego figures in to various batman villains namely killer Croc, Clayface, Solomon Grundy, and Bane, I have picked up some figures from eBay and will have to see how this turns out.


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