The Dark Legion Arrives…………………………..

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Warzone Resurrection
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Using some funds from the sale of some more models on eBay, I decided to add some reinforcements to my Dark Legion starter set that I purchased a few weeks ago. I was going to pick up either the Imperial or Bauhaus starter sets but changed my mind at the last moment and went for the  Dark Legion.

In the end I went for,



Alakhai The Cunning, No picture as I forgot to take any pictures!

Necromutants x 2, IMG_2178

Praetorian Stalkers (ranged),IMG_2180

Praetorian Behemoth, IMG_2183

I also picked up, Praetorian Stalkers (close combat), Necrobeast Riders x 2, and a Razide.

As you can see they are quite a mixed bunch some have next to no “flash” while others have quite a bit. Their are also very few “mold” lines, in fact the worst was on the Praetorian Behemoth left foot (a quick file and it had gone). Overall again top quality from Prodos, my only complaint would be with the cards that are used with the game. They are Place in the Plastic “clam” shell packaging with the model, which leads to the the cards getting scuffed. A very minor thing but worth bearing in mind.

I also picked up the main Rule book (which I am reading my way through now). On the same day that I ordered the Dark Legion stuff I also place an order direct with Prodos for the Nephrite Of Algeroth model, and the templates and counters for the game. All the Dark Legion stuff turned up 2 days later, the stuff from Prodos has only just gone to the “preparation” stage of picking and packing.

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