The Dead Have Risen……………….

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Deadzone, Zombicide

Wow this is my 200th post!

Its been nearly 3 years since I started this blog and I have waffled on about various gaming company’s and their products. Some products have grabbed me and pulled me in others I have lost interest in due to poor management of the range (Mongoose I am looking at you!)

My love of the 40k universe has sadly dwindled away manly due to the some of the models that have been released, as being just plane rubbish. I do how ever have a soft spot for Necromunda and Epic but alas the chances of me playing these are very slim due to the fact that both ranges are OOP and go for a small fortune on eBay!

I do have a soft spot for Dead Zone from Mantic Games, Which I backed when the Kick Starter was on last year. It was due to be shipped in December 2013 but a number of problems lead to it being shipped in waves. Wave 1 was shipped in December 2013 and was very poor. Mine was shipped with everything thrown in a box with the main game box at the bottom of the box with nothing in it!

Wave 2 which turned up the other day, was however packed allot better. everything was packed tightly inside of the box with very little empty space.

The wave 2 models are also a vast improvement over the wave 1 models, with very few mold lines or miscasts. Overall I get the feeling wave 1 production was rushed just to get it ready on time. The third and final wave is due to ship the end of October, and their a rumours of a mini kick starter to add 2 more forces to Dead Zone the Veer-myn and the Corporation. Will I back it? maybe, it all depends how much of a monster it turns in to.

The other game that I have got into is Zombicide (which is more of a board game than a wargame) I got into this through a friend of mine that visited me a few times while I was in hospital. What stuck me was how simple the game was, and the fact that it could be played solo is a bonus. I spent many hours battling zombies while being stuck in a hospital bed, it got me hooked and made me want to get into Zombicide. When I said to my friend about it, he said he knew someone that wanted to sell their Season 1 and 2 Kickstarter pledges. I asked him to find out what he had and how much he wanted for it, about a week later I had an A4 sheet of paper listing everything. The list contained both the S1 and S2 base sets, the toxic city mall supplement, all the extra zombies as well as all the S1 and S2 Survivors (and their Zombivors) as well as extra tiles for S1 and Toxic City Mall. The price however was £800.00, don’t get me wrong its worth it (some of the survivors go for loads on eBay) but it was a little bit out of my league. My friend did say however the guy selling was looking for 40k Chaos Space marines and Tyranids, luckily for me at the start of the year I picked up both army’s when they were released. I had close to £500.00 worth of CSM and nids, 90% of which were new in their boxes! My friend took my list away and let the guy know what I had, next day my friend rang me a told me £200.00 and the CSM and nids and the Zombicide stuff was mine!

Last night my friend turned up with a large, heavy box. And this morning I have spent the past few hours sorting out everything my dinning room table has been covered with 234 zombies, 60 survivors, and 60 Zombivors as well as tons of cards and counters. Out of everything only 3 models have been painted, and hopefully I will be able to try painting them soon!

Now I just have to wait for season 3 to add 172 more zombies, 46 survivors and 46 Zombivors.

Roll on February 2015!


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