Warning You Are Re-Entering The DeadZone……………….

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Deadzone

The other day I had an email from UPS about a delivery from Mantic Games. Now the last time I received a email about a parcel from mantic it had been sent in error, and was a few weeks before I received any thing.

I have two things coming from Mantic Dead zone wave 2 (and 3) and Mars Attacks. Dead zone has been shipping since the end of July and so my money was on that. A few hours ago the package turned up weighing in at 6.9kg and was indeed my DZ wave 2 stuff after sorting through all the stuff their are however a few bits missing………………

Alas the A.I. deck (for playing solo) is missing, So I am still unable to play the game. Most of the guys I know are not interested in the game, due to Mantics lack of commitment to their games, they have a habit of releasing a game like Warpath firing out a few army’s and then leaving it alone. A couple of my fellow gamers started up warpath as an alternative to 40k, but with the lack of support the armies now gather dust or get used for 40k. The other problem is “restic” resin that Mantic use, it is not the best material I have used.

The wave 1 models were a mix of “restic”, “white” metal and plastic, where as this wave also contains normal resin (a mix of light grey,light blue, and transparent blue).

In total I am missing 9 models

3 Soraks (1 sword spawn and 2 standard).

4 Brokkrs (1 with rifle and 3 with hammer and pistol).

2 enforcers (1 medic+ 2 shield and 1 thermal rifle).

But on the plus side I have ended up with 45 zombies(I only ordered 20,and 5 were free!) and 4 strider’s (after ordering 2 Mantic upgraded each to include 2 models rather than 1) That means I have one for the Plague,Enforcers,Rebs, and Corporation (when they get added)

Both the Forge Farther and Asterians starter sets look good (just have to wait for the plastic forge guard in wave 3). And as for the Hardback book its fantastic, it has a nice heavy feel to it and combines all of the basic books into one.


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