Bored, Bored, Board………………………………

Posted: September 15, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Mars Attacks, Space Hulk, Zombicide

In case you could not gather from the title above I am board!

For the past 10 days I have done nothing but watch TV and playing a few games of Zombicide (still not won a game playing solo).

I have shambled along with The Walking Dead, flew through time and space with Doctor Who, and got trapped Under The Dome. As well as watching various other programs on normal TV.

Gaming wise, I have only played 6 or 7 games of Zombicide. Using only 6 of the tiles (that’s what fits on the dinning room table) and 6 survivors against the hordes of zombies! It has been great fun if somewhat tiring for me, and I cannot wait to pick up season 2.

Last week it was leaked that Games Workshop were going to re-release the 3rd edition of space hulk (which was sold as a one off limited edition 5 years ago). I had hoped that it would follow along the lines of the supplements Deathwing and Genestealer and introduce the Dark Angels and Genestealer Hybrids as well as newer versions of the card floor plans. But as with GW its just a re-release of the limited version, with 2 or 3 new tiles. Unfortunately I think its a missed opportunity for GW and space hulk fans alike (even though it has sold out already)

Kick Starter wise their is still no word on All Quite On The Martian Front.

No word on Deadzone or Mars Attacks. I was sitting on the fence about Mars Attacks and was not sure if I would be keeping the plastic models but after watching The Walking Dead I may have to us the US army figures for some Zombicide games.

Both Shadows Of Brimstone and Zombicide S3 have sent out their pledge mangers  for their Kickstarters. SOB having taken nearly a year to get it ready, they have changed a few bits and pieces but nothing major. Nothing to get worried over changing out some blank cards, replacing some free tiles with plastic models, adding a few  models that did not get unlocked.

Zombicide S3 was simple for me I just added everything (well the stuff that was made for this campaign) after reading some reports about shipping charges I was surprised that mine came out at $28.73 (£17.68).

I really want to give some painting ago but with my left arm very shaky, I don’t feel confident at attempting it just yet.

Now do I have a game of Zombicide or watch some TV?………………..

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