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Posted: September 4, 2014 in Aliens, All Quiet On The Martian Front, Deadzone, Incursion

Well its been 2 months since my last update, what have I been up to, where have I been? Well in a nut shell, a few days after I made my last post I was rushed into hospital. Where I have been until 2 days ago. As I have said before in previous posts sometimes my health gets the better of me, unfortunately this time it was quite bad (the worst it has been) and was mainly down to stress putting me out of action. It has how ever taken me sometime to get over it and get back to being on my feet. This has in turn affected my gaming and painting, I did try to paint some models the other week but keeping a brush steady at the moment is very hard. And it may be that way for sometime.

A few of my gaming group came to see me and brought a few bits and pieces with them for me to read through. One of which was the  zombicide board game, which I liked the look of so much I asked if I could borrow the box set while I was laid up (I have yet to win a game when playing solo). I liked it so much that I got my wife to back the Season 3 kickstarter for my which ended up with $2.849.064 and 12.011 backers, which unlocked a host of additional survivors and zombies for the game. One of the guys in my gaming group knows someone that is looking to get rid of their season 1 and 2 kickstarter stuff,  and so I may be able to grab that little lot.

Speaking of kick starters, I  have missed quite a few things.

First up, All Quite On The Martian Front has started selling stuff at retail. to fund the shipping of wave 2 (and 3) their under estimate of the shipping costs has lead them to a short fall (no money left for shipping wave 2). I am disappointed by this, but if it means I get my stuff I don’t really care. ETA ?

Tablescapes, the tiles have now left china and are on their way around the globe (with mine going to Mantic) ETA ?

Incursion, seems to have hit a bump with the company who are producing the game who said it would be ready in september. But the guys behind incursion have seen nothing. ETA ?

Deadzone wave 2. Once again Mantic have lost time waiting for something to be fixed only to announce that it will be sent with wave 3. the whole project is now 9 months behind and if wave 3 happens in october it will be around 10-11 months behind. ETA September.

Mars Attacks was meant to ship last month (August), but delays at sea have pushed it to the end of this month (September). ETA September.

Shadows Of Brimstone, was meant to ship last month. But the pledge manger has still not been sent out (the project finished November last year) and their has been no word on what is going on (they did have copies for sale at Gencon, which caused a bit of a uproar) some copies have ended up on eBay. ETA ?

Alien vs Predator, was due in may. But due to a number of problems and a None disclosure Act (NDA) from 20th century fox it looks like we are going to be waiting until November. The NDA seems to have also been in place for the upcoming Alien: Isolation computer game that is released in a few months. Prodos have also caused a storm by saying that the KS exclusive set is going to be sold at retail as they need to have a minimum of  5000 units produced. As around 2500 uints will be used for the KS. they need to make it cost efective for them.   ETA November.

Battle Systems terrain, Has arrived it turned up last month. I have yet to start working on it yet, as it needs a bit of work a few small cuts here and their. And at the moment I do not feel confident using a ruler and knife to perform the cuts that are needed (it can wait awhile, as I wanted it for AvP anyway).

Overall some of the projects have let their backers down , due in part to poor management. and as much as I like the projects that are listed above the chances of my making any follow up purchases are very slim.

Deadzone was going to be my replacement for 40k but with things from wave 2 being sold in retail packaging on the likes of eBay my faith in Mantic is very small. Add to that the fact that Mars attacks is due and we have yet to see quite a few of the models, are they ready? The same goes for All quite, we were told the models were ready to go but yet we still have yet to see some of them. Hopefully things will start to turn up soon.

At the end of the day as long as I get my stuff I don’t care!

It may be quite on here for a few weeks (months) until I can get back to normal, and hopefully get painting again!

Their is only so much TV I can watch!


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