Dear God! A cylinder’s landed on the house, and we are underneath it, in the pit!……………

Posted: July 2, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

I have been beavering away, making terrain for AQOTMF. At the moment I have made 7 bases of trees, a farm house and a barn, as well as working on my realm of battle boards. The other day I added some details to the farm house and barn, both have had doors and windows as well as “timber” trims around the edges. I did at one stage start scribing the planks into the wall of the barn but after doing the front I decided to try something different. Using a small wire brush and following the grain it gives the impression of individual planks.

IMG_2086 IMG_2088











I put these pictures up on face book and got some good feedback, then someone suggested a ruined version of the barn would look good.

“Hmmmm a ruined barn you say, lets have a think about it”

After some soul searching (OK my I pod) I put on Jeff Wayne`s war of the worlds album, and then it hit me. A cylinder sticking out the side of a barn! I hunted hi and low looking for a tube of the right diameter to use as the base of the model, but had no luck.

I would need to make it from scratch!

Using some card  I made a rough mock up and then went on to cut up the blue foam and foam card for the proper model.



Above is the basic structure made from 10mm blue foam.
IMG_2096The next picture has had the “prototype” outer layer added, this has been replaced with 3mm blue foam wrapped round the out side. Which is currently clamped up and drying.

I have marked out the base ready to be cut out………………



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