The Martian Invaders Reinforcements…………………

Posted: July 1, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Over the weekend I had time to work on my AQOTMF models, and make some terrain. I still had 2 Martian tripods to make and so I set about cleaning them up and assembling them.

The first one is armed with Green mist globes. I took the opportunity to use 2 of the “pose able” legs  and one of the “static” legs, which gives the model a crab like appearance. I also placed some slate pieces on the base to brake up the flatness of the base. I drilled two 1mm holes where the tip of the foot touched the slate, and added a small spot of super glue to hold the model in place. One thing that has impressed me is both the raised claw and basket that hold the globes, can have the globes added after you have finished painting!


The second one is armed with a black dust launcher, this one uses 3 “static” legs giving it the look of “taking aim”. I also drilled out the barrel of the launcher and the vents around the side.IMG_2094


So with all the starter set models assembled the 2 forces look like this.

IMG_2095Overall I am pleased with the quality of the models. And what you get for the money is great, the value of the models works out at £94.90 ($162.55) add in the rulebook and plastic tokens £21.75 ($37.24) add a bit extra for the book, all for £72.00 ($100.00).

Now lets see about breaking out the airbrush and compressor………………….


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