The Brave Defenders Of Earth Reinforcements…………….

Posted: June 30, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Last week I gave my thoughts about the plastics from the basic starter set, and over the weekend I made up the remaining 5 steam tanks and 2 Tripods.

I then moved on to the metal models in the set.

First up we have the “Dough” boys, you get 30 of these in the starter set giving you 2 squads of 15. As you can see their are 6 poses the 1st one on the left is the sergeant you get 2 of these, then the other 28 are made up from the last 5 poses. Meaning that no stand needs to have the same pose on it. Over all their was next to no “flash” and a small mold line on the helmet, they have nice crisp details. I will give these a 10/10.

IMG_2083Next we have the Rough Riders (“dough” boys mounted on Harley’s), you get 6 of these in the starter set giving you 1 squad of 3 stands. Again you get 6 poses, the 3rd model on the top row is armed with a machine gun and the 2nd model on the bottom row is the sergeant. These models how ever had quite a bit of “flash” on them. You also have to glue the handle bars on, which is not an easy task but can be done with the aid of a pair of tweezers. I will give these 8/10.

IMG_2084Lastly we have the Heavy machine gun teams, you get 3 of each model in the starter set giving you 1 squad of 3 stands. Of the 3 models only the machine gun had any “flash”, the spotter had a small nib on the bottom. The loader is designed to “slot” into the base of the machine gunner, and the ammo belt needs to be bent to match up with the gun. Over all I would give these 9/10

IMG_2085Over all the metal models are great, I really enjoyed putting these together (as opposed to the FoW infantry models which have always needed lots of prep work!)

As you can see below I just need to finish the bases off. And then I can move on to painting them, I have some ideas but I need my airbrush to do them.



IMG_2091Below is the MK2 steam tank, which can be built from the same kit as the MK3.



Next the Martian reinforcements……………………


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