The Martian Invaders……………..

Posted: June 26, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front
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Yesterday I put together two of the plastic kits from the AQOTMF package that I have received. Its worth noting that I am only going to work on the basic starter boxed set models first (and not the extras that I have got from the KS).

The models are as follows:

Martian Force: 3 tripods.

US force: 6 steam tanks (MK 2 or 3), 2 US infantry squads (30 models,6 bases ), Rough Rider squad (6 models,3 bases), Machine Gun squad (9 models,3 bases).

So having put together a steam tank, I then moved on to a Martian tripod………….

IMG_2077 IMG_2079











The tripod comes as 2 sprue’s. The 1st one on the left  is the leg sprue (which is the same for the scout tripod) as you can see it has two “static” legs and one that is pose-able. The pose-able leg is unfortunately rather limited in what it can do, because of the “static” upper section of the leg. The “hip” joint which joins to the upper torso has piece of plastic which slots in to the torso (left hand side of the picture 2nd component down from the top). Which means the torso has no left or right movement, not a major problem but it means all tripods are looking forward!.  Over all the leg sprue is devoid of major details and is mainly made up of panel lines and the odd piece of raised detail, but that is how I imagined a tripod.

Next up is the Head and weapons sprue. It has 3 weapons on their. Heat ray and claw, green gas dispenser, and black dust launcher. Of these the Heat ray looks like an old fashioned TV remote control! The Green gas dispenser is a cage with 4 globes in it, and the black dust launcher looks like throw back to warhammer 40k.

The head is fantastic, inside their is plenty of space to place a 3 volt battery and a switch to power an LED light for the Martian eye.


I keep toying with the idea of adding an LED light to the model It is going to cost me about £16.00 to buy 10 sets of lights, switches, battery’s and holders. I did plan on lighting up the “Red Martian” special character model, but seeing the plastic kit I am tempted! Again the details are light, and their was a small gap around the “eye” section and the underside of the “hood”. But again these are like the steam tank minor problems that can be quickly fixed.

They retail at £28.50 ($40.00) for 3 tripods. Overall I will give these 8/10 only down to the fact of the “not Very” pose-able leg and the rather lame TV remote, sorry heat ray!

IMG_2082 IMG_2080











IMG_2081As you can see I have armed my first tripod with a Heat ray


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