The Brave Defenders Of Earth………………

Posted: June 25, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front, terrain

I spent most of yesterday planning on what I was going to do with all these models, and what terrain I would be needing.

Both the the barn and farm house that I am working on are coming along fine.

IMG_2074 IMG_2075










Both are made from balsa wood, that I have had lying around for ages. I have ordered some thin 1mm balsa to add details to the model (doors, windows, etc). Both have tuned out better than I had hoped as when I started all I had was some models that I had purchased from a fellow backer!

As you can see I have put together a Tripod and a mark 3 steam tank just to see how they went together.

First of the steam tank sprue can make a MK 2 or a MK 3 steam tank.

IMG_2068as you can see from the sprue it is full with bits, it measures 190mm x 150mm. As you can see from the picture the tracks have suffered from a deeper “cut” along the armour panels (the one on the right is how it should be). To be honest its very minor problem and is easily rectified  with a hobby knife or a panel line maker and a steady hand.

The model itself goes together really well and in the “dry” run that I did all the pieces held together, with the exception of the turret back plate. You get 5 turrets (of which 4 are used for a MK 3), 2 machine guns, and rather oddly 3 exhaust pipes (not sure why).

IMG_2069 IMG_2073








As you can see the panel line problem has been sorted and the guns have been “dry” fitted.

IMG_2070 IMG_2072








The detail from both the front and back is just as good. I plan to add some “coal” to the hopper and maybe some stowage.

Over all the kit was a great build, with very few mold lines. My only problem was the join on the side turrets, Which needed to be filled with some model filler. Others have moaned about the panel line problem but that is an easy fix.

The price for these is at the moment £18.00 ($25.00) for 3 tanks, they are great kits well worth the money and with a little bit of work could be turned into recovery tanks, fuel tenders, ammo tanks, the list goes on.

Overall I would give them 9/10 only due to the side turret problem and the panel line fix.

Tomorrow the Martians invade………………..


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