Still Very Quite On The UK front…………………….

Posted: June 18, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

So two days have past since my last update…………..

And still I have nothing!

On the 16th some hours after my post (and things hotted up on Facebook) an update was posted on the KS page.

The first wave of Retail Products (the Starter Game, hardback Rulebook, Assault Tripods, Scout Tripods, Tanks, Templates, Blip Markers and Dice) are being released in the US only today.

So I have not got my stuff before it goes on sale for retail!

Also in the update was this.

UK, EU and Any Remaining Parts of the World – Renedra just received the last shipment sent from the US.  Most of the remaining boxes because of their size and weight will be shipped either via UPS or TNT instead of Royal Mail.  When your box is shipped, you will not receive another shipping email. The first wave of Retail Products is not being released in the UK, EU and the remaining parts of the world today. We will pick a release date towards the end of the week.

So if I read this right I am waiting for a large, heavy box(es) filled to the brim with AQOTMF goodies right.

Lets see what happens………………………..


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