Still All Quite ON The UK Front………………..

Posted: June 16, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Has the first wave of All Quite On The Martian Front Kick (AQOTMF ) starter stuff arrived. NO

Is today the retail release of AQOTMF. Yes, but in a message sent to a fellow backer Alien Dungeon they said that the retail release for the UK is the 21st of June.

Now their has never been any mention of a different release date for other country’s it has always been the 16th of June, But now AD have moved the goal posts.

I think the problem lies in the fact that AD did not understand the logistical side of things. They have 1000 backers scattered across the world, which is not an easy task to sort out and ship. But it could have been 10 times better than it has been. No one but AD knows how they worked out how shipments went out when. But it seems that the shipments to the furthest places (Australia and that area of the world) went out last Monday (9th June).

Now would it not have been better to send these shipments first? And then working their way back across the globe to the US, that way most backers would be able to receive their stuff around the same time. If that had been the case I think that the backers would be up in arms as they are now.

Setting the retail date too soon? given that the project is 6 months behind already and the retail release was going to be February 2014, that was at least 4 weeks maybe and even 6 weeks after the KS stuff had all been shipped to backers.

Now how ever backer shipping started on the 14th of May (with a 2 week time span to ship stuff out and get to backers before retail release) and then a retail release of the 16th of June (2 weeks after the KS stuff had been shipped). Unfortunately shipping 1000+ orders (some backers have received 2 parcels) in 2 weeks did not work, and I got my email on the 5th of June. And again the random nature of how orders are being sent means that 2 backers in one town (who know each other) one has received his stuff and the other has not.

I find it funny that on the  AQOTMF forum, I was told to find someone who had their stuff  and see if I can get some games in with them, which yes is a great idea unfortunately the only person I can find is 2 hours away from me. So I need to do a 4 hour round trip to play a game, that works!. The joys of forums (and Face Book) is people seem to get the wrong end of the stick. At no time have I posted that I do not like the product and that I do not want any of my shipment, but people keep posting that I would be better of selling it on. Its not the product that is bugging me it is AD as a company that I am disappointed with, they have promised on many occasions that backers would have their stuff  BEFORE retail.

And today is retail day!

The chances of me supporting another KS by Alien Dungeon are very slim.

The chances of me supporting AQOTMF, I may pick up a few bits but not to the extent that I was going to……………

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