Wargames Bakery Stencilis…………………..

Posted: June 13, 2014 in terrain

In my last post I talked about the bases I have been working on for some Space Hulk Terminators. Now over the years I have tried to paint check patterns and hazard markings but they have always turned out slightly wonky.

Well back in march Wargames Bakery held a Kick starter for some stencils, So I decided to back the project for £25.00 which would net me 5 stencils.

But what was so different about these ones? Well all the ones I had seen were made from wood or a thin plastic film, these on the other hand are made from thin silicone rubber and are very flexible!

In the end I went with the following designs

Flame Pool.












Digi Camo.












Urban Camo.












Warning Stripes 5mm.












Warning Stripes 10mm.













As you can see each one is 100mm x 115mm and 1mm thick. On the pledge page they say you can apply paint any way brush, sponge, spray, etc. But I think an airbrush will be the best way to apply the paint. When my Table Scape tiles turn up I will try out the 10mm warning strips with the airbrush (just need to get the Lair all sorted first).

I will give Wargames Bakery 10 out of 10 for these and will hopefully pick up some more when they hit retail!



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