All Quite On The UK Front…………………..

Posted: June 5, 2014 in All Quiet On The Martian Front

Just over a year ago the All Quite On The Martian Front Kick starter finished, its goal of $50.000 was smashed aside and ended up with$304.720 from 1003 backers. It was due to ship in December 2013 but due to a few problems it missed its target and was pushed back to January 2014 due to problems with the plastic tripods and tanks.

January passes by into February and still no date of shipping, We do get shown the retail price lists and adverts.

As February passes to march, we get to see the firsts test shots of the plastics and yes they look great.

As April shows its head we finally get to see the USA Land iron clad, and are told shipping will begin in may! and to check to see that our shipping address are correct. Pre orders are also announced for the first wave of retail release as the 16th of June.

As April passes to May, we get another reminder about shipping address (just in case you missed the first!). Then out of the blue on the 14th of may we get an update that shipping has begun,

We are told that “No items will be sold at retail before you get yours as a KS backer. We have said that many times.”

We are also told that “all 1st wave orders will be sent by the 27th of may”

Which was then changed to “the end of the week 30/31st of may”

But where does that have to do with anything?

Well its now the 5th of June (which is 11 days before the retail release) and I have yet to receive a shipping notification from either Alien Dungeon or Renedra (who are handling the UK and Europe shipments, AD are shipping to Renedra who are then forwarding them on). So yesterday I sent a message to AD via the kick starter page to see what was going on……………….

The reply that I got said  “That my order was still with them” so its still in the US. Now this is more than a little bit disappointing. On average from what I have seen  posted on various Forums and Facebook it can take up to 10 days to get from AD to Renedra and then a few days for Renedra to send it on. I was given no time scale for the dispatch of my stuff only it will be on its way by the 16th of June.

At worst I get my 1st wave by the end of the month, after some of  it has been on sale at retail! (And the 2nd retail release starts to ship)

It seems that AD have been shipping by pledge level starting with the lowest first (Captain) and working their way up to my pledge (All out war) going last.

Its a Shame as this experience has left a bitter taste with me. I had already decided that I was going to expand my forces with some of the British forces, and if AD had done a second KS I would have backed that also. But now the chances of me buying or backing anything by AD are very slim.

Their is no sign Of AD pushing the Retail release back  with 11 days to go, their has also been no “proper” update on the KS page since 22nd of May (but they mange to post on facebook).

All in all I am disappointed with AD, with the promise “No items will be sold at retail before you get yours as a KS backer”. and then to be kicked in the teeth at the last second.

  1. Achilles says:

    Sorry to hear that Grail. Hope it gets to you soon!

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