The 2014 Purge………………..

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Genestealer Cult

I have slowly been sorting through my collection of miniatures and listing them on eBay. Along the way I have come across a few oddity’s like Space ork goffik rokkerz,  3rd edition realm of chaos models, and loads of other stuff I forgot I had. One set  that I came across were the old Genestealer Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models. Now I have always fancied doing a “stealer” cult army, but I have always stumbled at the starting blocks for two reasons

1. GW do not make or support the “stealer” cult any more. The last army list was back in the Citadel journal and was  for the 3rd edition.

2. The Hybrids,Magus and Patriarch models are all OOP, and are as rear as rocking horse shit! When they appear on eBay they are quite expensive (£7.50 being the lowest I have seen for a Hybrid with NO arms).

But will this stop me now? well no. I really want to start up a cult, as at the moment we are playing small battles and I fancy a change.

Looking on the net I have found two army lists both have their good points and bad points, but they are giving me a good idea for  starting and at the moment I am gathering ideas for conversions. I would like to do a “all” plastic army but given that the  both the broodlord and patriarch are only available in metal or finecast, that option is out the window!

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