Basing buildings………………..

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Cities Of Death, terrain

In my last post I briefly spoke about basing the ruined buildings, and that I was sitting on the fence as to “do I or don’t I”. Well after much soul searching (and an update from secret weapon about Kick starter) I have decided not to base the ruins. The reason I have decided not to base the ruins lies with the Table scape tiles, After going back through the updates I notice that the “foundation”  tiles have piles of rubble and craters on them (not that I did not notice it in the beginning). if the ruins have bases then these tiles will be of no use to me. This means my old “small” ruins that I made a few years ago are going to need a bit more work doing to them.

As I have said before all of my terrain was stored at my local club, up until a few months ago when it was announced  the building was going to be knocked down to make way for some flats! This meant that I needed to bring home 14 realm of battle tiles and 3 x 50 litre storage boxes of terrain. All of the terrain has been well used over the years and has had its fair amount of knocks and digs, and so was in need of some TLC.

When I sorted out the box yesterday I decided to take the plunge and remove the bases from the small ruins, at the same time a few of the tiles became loose or broke off. This gave me the perfect opportunity to “reconfigure” some of them after all they were made to re-fight the battles in the 2nd edition 40k battle for Armageddon booklet.

So I have spent this morning cleaning up all the glue from the bases of the models, but luckily for me I stuck them down with PVA wood glue rather than super glue so it came off fairly easy. So After cleaning up and re-gluing them back together I now have 8 medium ruins, rather than 20 small ruins. I have added a few new tiles into the mix as well as a few floors

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