Urban Warfare part 6………………

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Cities Of Death, terrain

Since my last post I have been mucking around with the Cities Of Death wall tiles, and I have limited myself to the contents of the Imperial sector set (see last post, Urban warfare part 5) and a few tiles that were left over from my old sets.

Now it is worth noting that planning is the key here,

(1) I have set a limit of 2 tiles and a buttresses (200mm/8 inches) high, This is because I have two 50 litre storage boxes that the larger buildings will be stored in.

(2) Do a dry run first and work out your buildings foot print before you jump in feet first. I use blue/white tack to hold the tiles together. Start with a corner and work out wards, finish the ground level then move up to the first floor (or roof).

(3) To base or not to base, that is the question? Are you going to base your buildings. I am in two minds at the moment, one part of me says yes the other says no. At the moment “no” is winning as I have the Tablescapes urban streets tiles from  Secret Weapon Miniatures coming (hopefully soon), The only down side to this is the interior of the building will be the same as the pavement outside.

(4) Gather your tools, At a bear minimum a pair of cutters, a knife, and a hobby/needle  file will do. I use a large metal file instead of a “hobby/needle” file As (A) it does not clog up so much with plastic “dust”  and, (B) it leaves a good key for the glue to bond too. I also use Quick grip hobby clamps (the kind where you tighten them up by pulling the trigger) and a larger quick grip clamp.

Now the first building I tackled was the sanctum Imperialis.
IMG_1948[1] IMG_1946[1]






















It uses 17 wall tiles, 11 floor tiles, and 12 buttresses. I used 3 tiles from the Basilica kit in the form of 2 doors and one shrine tile.

Next up is the Basilica Administratum.

IMG_1950[1] IMG_1951[1]














This one uses 17 wall tiles, 10 floor tiles, and 12 buttresses. I used 3 tiles from the sanctum kit, Double door way and 2 “scroll” tiles. I really like the way this one has turned out, and maybe depending how many tiles are left make an extension for it at a later date.

Next is the Manufactorum. now the Imperial sector kit that I got had no Manufactorum tiles in it, they had been used by the previous owner. But I did have some left over from when I made my “smaller” ruins, but this left only full tiles and no ruined sections.

No pictures yet as it is still Work In Progress……………………………………..






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