Oh, yes, it could be 20th century. England in summertime, I should say. See the rain clouds?…………………….

Posted: May 13, 2014 in 7TV, Doctor Who, Modeling, terrain

Way back in the mists of time I played a game called Mordheim from GW  and was very active on the various forums and groups at the time. One of the thing that I helped develop was a set of rules for fighting battles in sewers, and with all intentions making a 3D terrain set up. But with one thing and another the 3D set up got pushed to one side and my Warhammer Quest tiles were used as the layout to test the rules. A few months later some one sent me a link (its not the same link as the website has moved and changed over the years!).


But by now Mordheim was being played less and less, and other games were being played. But I really liked the look of the sewer terrain and always thought that one day I would own some.

Roll on to 2006 and the classic Doctor Who story makes it on to DVD, now I had seen screen captures for the episode but had never seen it on VHS. And to my surprise it featured a scene with Zoe,Jamie and UNIT in the sewers being chased by Cybermen again the Ainsty Sewer models sprang to mind and shortly afterwards the Doctor Who miniatures game appeared on the internet.

Since 2006 I have planned to buy the sewer set at least 5 times but for one reason or  another I have not purchased it. Until a few weeks ago!

I am on both the Doctor Who miniatures game and 7TV Action groups on face book and by chance someone was selling the basic sewer set, expansion set and a few other pieces for £100 inc postage.

How could  I refuse such an offer! well I did not and it is on its way to me now!

But my problem is, What colours do I use?


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