Urban Warfare Part 4………………

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Cities Of Death, space marine, terrain
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As I have said before one of my favourite ways of playing Warhammer 40000 is in a city. Battling through rubble choked ruins seems to gel with  me more than fighting over open fields and hill with the odd ruin thrown in for good measure. When the Cities of Death (CoD) supplement came out back in 2006 I invested heavily in the sets that were released.

I remember purchasing,

Imperial city boxed set £100.00 (contained 28 plastic frames).

Cities of Death boxed set £40.00 (contained 8 plastic frames, 4 accessory frames, and the rulbook).

Cities of Death Battle mat £10.00 ( this goes for loads (£100) when they show up on eBay).

Cities of Death counter set £5.00 .

Urban Barricades and walls £12.00 (6 resin pieces).

and the urban basing kit £10.00 (one of the best kits I have ever bought).

But alas the tides of time (8 years) and most of my original stuff is gone, a lot got damaged or destroyed a few years ago when I moved. And from the list above I only have the Battle Mat, Rule Book, counters, And a few small ruined corners that I made for re fighting the battle for Armageddon form the 2nd edition.

With the my local gaming club closing down due to  the venue being bulldozed, I brought home my 40k terrain a few weeks ago, as it needed some TLC  (as most of it is 8 years old). I have slowly been working my way through it all and have noticed that I have only 2 pieces that have floors (and they are only 1 panel high!).

Now I know a lot of people complain about the price of GW products, but the 3 ruins from GW have only gone up£5.00 since they were first released. Now I need to add some more hight to my buildings (2 or 3 panels high). So my first step was Elemental games who I buy most of my stuff from now days, they had the 3 ruins at £16.99 each and the imperial sector set for £59.49. Bearing this in mind I headed over to eBay and had a look, well the emperor must have been looking after me. First off I found the Urban Barricades and walls, and I ended up paying less for them than what I did in the first place. Then I came across the Imperial city boxed set still in its packaging, in the end the city set cost me £127.00 and £8.99 p+p. I can feel some summertime city fights coming on now!

A few posts ago I did one called “the greed of mankind” in which I touched on the subject of the price of the limited edition space marine captain from the new GW site. Well I managed to pick up the model and the code for £22.00 inc p+p, as I said I would not pay more than £20.00 for the 1st model and would not be paying the stupid prices that the 2nd model was going for!

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