The Greed Of Mankind…………..

Posted: April 28, 2014 in space marine, Warhammer 40000

The tail end of last week was spent trying to clear my painting table of unfinished projects, My nurgle daemons take up a fair share of the table along with some Black Templars and a few havocs for my Iron Warriors, their were also some Quake cannon craters (but I managed to finish them).

Now the Black Templars have been giving me a few problems, and have been bugging me for sometime. When I first painted them they were black and white space marines (nice and simple) then they got themselves a nice shiny codex (and an upgrade sprue) this lead to the Templars gaining tabards (similar to what medieval knights wore) and new styles of helmets. Now when I found my models I decided to sculpt on tabards rather then spend money on getting the plastic sprues to convert them. Now its the tabards that have caused me the problem. I first painted them Ceramite White, but it stood out to much and made them look too bright. Next I tried Steel Legion Drab and Zandri Dust, But both colours made them look too drab. In the end I gave up and started on my plague bearers.

Now while sorting out some stuff I came across the GW 25th Anniversary model of the Emperors Champion (EC) that was released way back in 2000 my choice of colour for the tabard were the OOP colour Scab Red and an Enchanted Blue sword! It was not one of my best paint jobs and quickly end up in a pot to be stripped. After the model had been stripped it lay unloved on my table waiting for me to paint him.

Then last week I had an idea. I glued the EC together gave him a coat of Chaos Black spray and dived in. I painted the Tabard with Rakarth Flesh and a thinned down wash of Reikland Fleshshade, followed by a light drybrush of  Rakarth flesh. And to my surprise it looked fantastic not too bright and not to drab.

But what does all this have to do with the title of this post? Well it spurred me on on to paint the rest of the Templars and while doing so I figured I would need a captain model to lead my force. I headed straight for e(vil)Bay and typed in space marine captain and was greeted with over 500 results. Now I do like the look of the limited edition model that is only available direct from GW mail order but I am not going to spend £60 to get it free. As I look through the e(vil)Bay listings their are loads of listings for the limited edition model, ranging from 99p to buy it now £60. Their are auctions again ranging in price from 99p to buy it now of £35 for the code to buy the other limted model. I can understand people payin for the 1st model (£20 would the highest I would go) but paying £20 for the code for the 2nd model and then £18 on top of that for the model is just taking the piss. It always has been a sellers market, I always start my auctions at 99p and leave it to the buyers to determine what they want to pay its rare for me to place a reserve on a item and even rarer for my to use the “buy it now” option.

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