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Posted: April 22, 2014 in Deadzone, terrain

I have just spent the last 40 mins putting together a Dead zone building. Now I have had these models since before Christmas as part of my kick starter package. And they were one of the main reason for me backing the project, as they were billed as being totally modular and quick and easy to put together and easy to disassemble, yeah right!

I have since I had the set played around with the tiles and made various 1 x 1 buildings and towers but have never had ago at anything else. Well I just had a go at putting together a 2 x 2 “L” shape building using 8 wall tiles and 3 floor tiles, and 40 mins later it is done. The main problem lies with the plastic clips and holes that they go into, both of which have very faint mold lines on them. This means that the holes and/or the clips need to be cleaned with a file or knife to remove the line! Now you have to be very careful as if you take to much away from the clip or hole it becomes too loose.

As much as it pains me to do it, I think I am going to have too glue my models together. The thought of making a 2ft x 2ft worth of terrain before I play the game is not going to happen. And as the clips are so fragile and hard to get out once in, it makes sense to glue them together rather than farting around before the game.

In Many ways the Urban terrain  from Mantic Games is great but the practicalities of it do not warrant the stress of building it before the game! Don’t get me wrong it is nice to have something that is not covered in skulls and (from what I have seen on the net) looks good when painted, but it is a far cry from being quick to put together. Also the total lack of instructions in the KS package has not helped at all.

Overall: yes its a great set, but its biggest down fall is the problems with the clips/holes. Mantic’s videos make it look so easy for the sets to be put together quickly, But in reality its not.

Would I have bought these knowing the problems? yes but not to the scale that I did

Out of the 4 sets the “core” worlds set would have been the only one that I would  of bought.

The landing pad is just a copy of GW Skyshield landing pad, the defence line is a copy of the GW Aegis defence line, the bunker only has a partial roof (not much use when the artillery starts dropping shells on you). And the less said about the ruins the better.

These are just my personal opinions (after all it is my blog) their are loads of others out their with different views, at the end of the day its your choice what you buy.










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