Bank Holiday Battles…………

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Armageddon, Blood angels, Orks, Warhammer 40000

After a 4 day bank holiday weekend (2 of which I was battling with my Blood Angels) the other 2 days were spent working in or around the flat.

We had some great games over the 2 days, and managed to get in 5 games. I managed  2 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw, I had took some photos of the action but this old laptop is playing up (both USB ports don`t want to work today) so I cannot upload any pictures!

Out of the 5 games may favourite has to be  Blood Angels  Vs Orks which ended in a draw, All I had to do was defend 4 bunkers for 6 turns easy right?

Well to start with I started off very, badly my shooting was off by miles with the dice not in my favour. And by the end of turn 2 I had lost 1 bunker (Pesky Deff Dread) with dice rolls for reserves being as good as my shooting and orks bearing down on my (very) thin red line, I saw this as being a total defeat.

Turn 3 saw my heavy bolter’s and missile launchers hitting their targets and wiping out a mob of Boyz and immobilising the Deff Dread, I on the other hand only lost 2 Marines! But now the Orks were getting to close for comfort.

Turn 4 saw the orks prepare to assault my line. The Deff Dread took a pot shot and and damaged another bunker, and in return the squad inside opened fire! this time destroying it. A mob of Grotz were shot to pieces, and did a runner. I finally got some reinforcements from 2 drop pods!  the first was my death company and the second was my death company dreadnought! but with my luck they both scatted away from their target (Ork warboss and his Nobz).

Turn 5 saw the warboss and his nobz make it to the damaged bunker and destroy it with power claws and tank buster bombz! bothe the death company and the dreadnought got bogged down with a Boyz mob! As turn 5 ended I had lost two bunkers things were looking very grim.

Turn 6 was the final round and lucky for me I got some reinforcement my terminators teleported on to target bang on the warboss and nobs and promptly chopped/smashed them to pieces with the lighting claws and thunder hammers. The remains of the death company and the dreadnought finished off the boyz mob.

Points wise I had won by 1 point, but as I had lost 2 (of 4) bunkers we called it a draw!


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